Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Designs Have Arrived - Let's Celebrate!

It has been a long long wait with all sorts of bumps along the way -- so I am super excited to announce that my new Flipzles have finally arrived!  And to celebrate I will be giving away one of each!

Any dinosaur loving kiddo will have hours of exciting play time with the new Flipzles Dinosaur Volcano. I really enjoyed studying up on dinosaurs in order to choose a variety of them to include in my artwork as pieces of this fun play set puzzle.

The Flipzles Nativity might just be my new favorite!  It definitely isn't just for kids.  Any nativity collector would love to add this beautiful hands on set to their collection.

Please help share the exciting news about my new Flipzles designs and enter to win!

To order go to

How to Enter:
Simply comment on this post and include how you helped spread the word about FLIPZLES.  
A few options might be to share a link on your social media accounts, send out an email to friends about FLIPZLES, share the link to the FLIPZLES website ( or blog, encourage others to enter the contest. Post a photo or video, sign up for my newsletter on the Flipzles website. Be creative and SHARE AWAY!  Just make sure to list all the different ways you helped spread the word in your comment. New likes on FB, Twitter and Instagram will also count as one entry.

Each method of sharing you list will get you one entry in the giveaway. 
Please number your methods to make it easier for me to award you your entries.  Thanks!

Entries will be accepted until midnight of December 1, 2014.
Entries will be numbered and the winners will be chosen at random through

Two prizes will be awarded
-One Flipzles Nativity 
-One Flipzles Dinosaur Volcano

Links to my social media -

See below for complete official rules - must be 18 to enter and win - prizes will be shipped to addresses in the USA


  1. I have sold Flipzles st a community event where they were loved and i post on Facebook. I LOVE Flipzles!

  2. Shared in Facebook.
    Liked on Facebook.
    Shared and linked to flipzles website and contest on Instagram.
    Shared and linked to flipzles website and contest on Instagram.
    Telling others and sharing away! I love Flipzkes! The kids STILL play with theirs! You are talented!

  3. Shared on FB.
    Liked on FB.
    Recommending to friends.

  4. I love Flipzles! I especially like the new nativity one. I shared on facebook!

  5. I love the new sets! I know my kids will have at least one under the tree this year.
    I shared about the giveaway on FB.

  6. Shared on Facebook
    E-mailed family out of state

  7. I am very surprised to know Flipzles only have been one year. What a big accomplishment you have made. Flipzles is getting so popular. All of my friends just love them.
    It is fun. My kids love them. Even myself have lots of fun.
    I liked your page on Facebook long time ago.
    I always recommend Flipzles to my friends and let them try out ours.
    It is amazing how the puzzle works. And the design of every single ones are so unique and smart.
    I love Flipzles. .❤

    1. And of course, share the love and spread the words.

      Shared on FB. ��

  8. 1. shared on FB
    2. asked co-op if they were going to run Flipzles again (fingers crossed that happens)
    3. told people about them
    We LOVE our flipzles. My 3 1/2 year old puts hers together every evening. We have the house and the pirate ship. I'm hoping to add the two new ones to our collection very soon.

  9. I am Jackie S's mom and "played" with Luke's puzzles several times. They are beautiful and inventive. I plan on posting to facebook to share your site. Cheryl D.

  10. Sharing your giveaway on Facebook. Love these you are so talented Vicki! I love the dinosaur one, Michael would have loved it too :)

  11. My grandson loves the pet shop I got last year!

  12. 1.shared on facebook
    2. sign up for newsletter
    3. new like on facebook

  13. LOVE the new designs!!
    I shared on facebook! :)

  14. I love Flipzles. I shared on facebook and I emailed a link to a friend.

  15. So thrilled the designs are here!
    1. Liked on Facebook
    2. Signed up for newsletter (can't believe I haven't done that before)
    3. Shared in a message to local buying co-op
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    7. Shared with friends & family via word-of-mouth

  16. I don't see my earlier comment so I hop this doesn't show up twice.
    Liked and shared on facebook.
    Shared and raved about with friends in real life as they've watched my kids play with them

  17. if this shows up more than once please delete, not seeing my post go through :/

    1: shared this giveaway on facebook when you announced it
    2: shared the dinosaur and nativity flipzles post on facebook (<3 the dinosaur one!! )
    3: told a friend about flipzles and had our kids play with them together
    4: giving one as a birthday present this week
    already liked and subscribed to your newsletter
    thanks for this giveaway and all that you do!

    -Rebecca Navarro

  18. I shared on Facebook and gave my own little review in the post. I love these!

  19. Shared with friends! Shared and liked on facebook =)

  20. 1. Shared your post on FaceBook with my friends
    2. Have given Flipzles to friends' children as presents.
    We love them!!

  21. shared on facebook!

  22. Shared on Facebook. I love the nativity set!