Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Giveaway WINNERS!

First I must say thank you to everyone that helped spread the word about my puzzles!  I had a record number of hits yesterday on my website and it is all thanks to you.

I wish I could send a free puzzle out to everyone who entered... but of course if I did that I would never make enough money to be able to afford to have my new designs produced.

53 different individuals participated with 147 total entries!

The first place winner of the Haunted House nesting doll and a FLIPZLE of her choice is --

The second place winner of a FLIPZLE of her choice is
Donna West

Congratulations!  Please send me an email with your mailing address and I will ship out your prizes right away.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spread the Word - FLIPZLES Halloween Giveaway


I absolutely love this time of year and can't wait for the costumes and the treats! So I want to give a special treat to one of you.

Right now one of my major focuses is letting the world know about my new product. 
People who don't know FLIPZLES exist can't know how cool they are.  I want people to see and hear about my new product so that they know there are toymakers out there who care about creating toys that stimulate both sides of children's brains and don't need all the flashing lights and electronic features. 

As a small company based out of my garage word of mouth is a wonderful starting point to let people know about FLIPZLES.

As you can tell from my puzzles -- I love toys -- and besides painting puzzle designs for my FLIPZLES I also have a love for painting Nesting Dolls.  I currently am not selling any of my nesting dolls or taking orders since I am focusing on my puzzles but---
I am giving away this Haunted House nesting doll that I painted  along with a FLIPZLE to the winner of of this Spread the Word Giveaway.

How to Enter:
Simply comment on this post and include how you helped spread the word about FLIPZLES.  A few options might be to send out and email to friends about FLIPZLES, share the link to the FLIPZLES website ( or blog, encourage others to enter the contest. Be creative and SHARE AWAY!  Just make sure to list all the different ways you helped spread the word in your comment.

Each method of sharing you list will get you one entry in the giveaway. 
(Added later - so if you missed this no worries -- Please number your methods to make it easier for me to award you your entries.  Thanks!)
5 bonus entries will be given to anyone who also purchases FLIPZLES during the duration of the contest.

Entries will be accepted until midnight of October 23rd.
Entries will be numbered and the winners will be chosen at random through

First prize is the Haunted Hous Nesting Doll pictured above along with a FLIPZLE of the winner's choice.
Second prize is a FLIPZLE of the winner's choice. 

Thanks for helping me tell the world about my puzzles! and Good Luck!

See below for complete official rules

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Time

So -- I decided that I need a place to host giveaways and promotions from.  I could use one of my other blogs -- but that didn't seem fitting.  So here goes -- One more blog :)