Monday, September 16, 2013

Toy Recommendation - Rainbow Looms

One of my most supportive stores - Smarty Pants Kids, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota posted an article about Rainbow Looms on Facebook. 

I read and loved the story.  Rainbow Looms started with a father making something for his daughters to use. It was a great idea so he developed it and started a company in his home and it has grown and grown.  Of course I love stories like this, because they are an inspiration to me as I continue to develop and ship Flipzles out of my basement.

When I saw the bracelets I knew my kids would love the looms, so I ordered some from my friend at Smarty Pants Kids.  We received the looms on Saturday afternoon and since then my kids have been using them non-stop.  They brought them to church and sat quietly listening and looming. They haven't asked to play video games because they are making bracelets instead.  

They have watched several youtube videos of different patterns and have blown me away with how fast they have learned to make what were tagged as "expert" designs.  Tasha even packed hers to take with her to her 6th grade outdoor school this week, so she could make bracelets on the bus ride.

As a mother and toymaker myself, I value finding toys that inspire kids to create.
So in case you haven't heard of Rainbow Looms -- I definitely recommend them.

To read the story about Rainbow Looms -- click here