Sunday, June 9, 2013

Class Art Projects

With school coming to a close I thought it would be fun to post a few of the art lessons I have taught with Ms. Hagee this year.  We art docent together as volunteers at our kiddos' elementary school.

Warm and Cool Colors - Tree silhouettes.
We used oil pastel for the background and black paper for the tree
The top picture is a second grade class and the second one is a 5th grade class.
This lesson plan was inspired by a tint painting lesson I found on pinterest. 

The next lesson focused on contrast, pattern and line.  The students could make any type of animal (or creature they wanted) They made circle heads and cut triangular-ish shaped bodies. Used two similar patterns on the bodies and one unique one to stand out.  
This lesson also worked for 2nd grade and 5th grade.

This final lesson I did with my daughter's 2nd grade class.  We discussed the use of line and Op Art.  Lines can create illusion of depth so each student chose one color of marker and started making straight or curved lines at the corners and worked their way in until there was just a small opening in the middle.  Then they colored the opening yellow so it would look the cave opening.  They are learning about dinosaurs in class so I decided to have them each draw a colored pencil dinosaur and outline it in black and glue it in their cave.
I am pretty sure my sister Ashlee taught me how to make a similar line doodle when I was in elementary school.  I used to draw these cave like things over and over.  So glad I could use it now.  The kids thought it was awesome and adding the dinosaurs definitely made the project more interesting and added a fun focal point.

The one below is my second grade daughter's  and the above ones are the examples that my 5th grader and I did before the lesson.