Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day I want to share my favorite poem about moms with you!

Somebody's Mother
- Mary Dow Brine (1816-1913)

    The woman was old and ragged and gray 
    And bent with the chill of the Winter's day.

    The street was wet with a recent snow 
    And the woman's feet were aged and slow.

    She stood at the crossing and waited long, 
    Alone, uncared for, amid the throng

    Of human beings who passed her by 
    Nor heeded the glance of her anxious eyes.

    Down the street, with laughter and shout, 
    Glad in the freedom of "school let out,"

    Came the boys like a flock of sheep, 
    Hailing the snow piled white and deep.

    Past the woman so old and gray 
    Hastened the children on their way.

    Nor offered a helping hand to her - 
    So meek, so timid, afraid to stir

    Lest the carriage wheels or the horses' feet 
    Should crowd her down in the slippery street.

    At last came one of the merry troop, 
    The gayest laddie of all the group;

    He paused beside her and whispered low, 
    "I'll help you cross, if you wish to go."

    Her aged hand on his strong young arm 
    She placed, and so, without hurt or harm,

    He guided the trembling feet along, 
    Proud that his own were firm and strong.

    Then back again to his friends he went, 
    His young heart happy and well content.

    "She's somebody's mother, boys, you know, 
    For all she's aged and poor and slow,

    "And I hope some fellow will lend a hand 
    To help my mother, you understand,

    "If ever she's poor and old and gray, 
    When her own dear boy is far away."

    And "somebody's mother" bowed low her head 
    In her home that night, and the prayer she said

    Was "God be kind to the noble boy, 
    Who is somebody's son, and pride and joy!"

My gorgeous mom with my Grandma Allie (my dad's mom) and Grandpa Hillary, my little brother, older sister and me.  Not positive, but guessing the reason why I know this poem is because of Grandma Allie. 

My Mom holding my brother -- that is me in the front.

My husband and his mom

My Grandma Charleen doing double dutch, and my mom spinning the rope.  How many other great grandma's have you seen still willing to jump in?

My Grandma Charleen with her mom Carol

Jake's maternal Grandma with my oldest daughter N.

Jakes paternal grandma with N.

Jakes Great Grandma with my girls

 A line of moms (a couple dad's too) that leads to my kiddos.

I am so grateful for the heritage of amazing women in my life and in my children's lives.

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthday Gift for Husband and Father

--Flipzles Family--
Gift Idea

This year for my hubby's birthday the kids and I decided to put a goodie basket together.

I had seen a Reese's Pieces Jar on pinterest, so we used that idea to start us off and then decided to fill out basket with a variety of mason jars filled with different treats.

The kids and I went to the store and picked out treats we knew he would enjoy.  We filled up different sized jars with the treats to add variety to the basket.
 We used a printable circle template for the label on top of the jar -- It was found here.  Then we made personalized photo tags with our messages on them.  Originally I thought we would just have one message per jar with a picture of all of us, but of course the kids had different ideas for what went best with each treat, so we decided to go ahead and attach as many messages as we came up with.

The personalized messages added a special touch and made the gift so much more fun.  The kids were so excited to have their dad open this gift because they had helped so much with it.