Wednesday, January 29, 2014

International Puzzle Day

Today is International Puzzle Day!

I am spending the day painting the front and inside of my new Flipzles Dinosaur puzzle!  Here is a sneak peak of the puzzle piece artwork in progress. I am super excited about this puzzle and can't wait to show you more.

In 1760 John Spilsbury mounted a map on a sheet of wood and used a saw to cut around each country.  This mapmaker created the first puzzle to use as a teaching tool.

Puzzles have become a standard toy in classrooms and homes throughout the world.
They are great for so many reasons --

Here are just a few of them -

Problem solving & Critical Thinking

Fine Motor Skills and Hand-eye coordination

Focus and Concentration

Memory & Observation skills

Social Skills and Cooperation (when working as a family or with classmates to solve a puzzle)

Flipzles add a few more to the list --
Creative play 
Children can use the pieces to make up their own stories and scenarios.  They can make up and write their own stories and use the pieces them out, or they can come up with other creative ways to play with the pieces.  My nephew likes to line them up like dominos.
There is no denying that puzzles are food for the brain.  So sit down with your child today and solve a few puzzles!

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