Monday, November 25, 2013

Night Buddies - Toy Review

Meet the new Night Buddies...
 Lights on!

Lights Off!
These fun plush sea creatures' eyes light up when you squeeze their bellies.
My kids absolutely love them.
My 3 year old had AC the Airplane night buddy first, and he sleeps with him every night and asks for him when it is time for lights out. 
When he saw the new line of sea life Night buddies he was smitten with Mark the Shark.
What little boy doesn't want a shark to protect him and help him feel secure at night!? 
Another great thing about Night Buddies is that even older kids love them. 
This is my 11 year old with Ally the Turtle

My eight year old loves Olivia the Dolphin and her sweet glowing eyes. 
And meet Oliver the Orca cuddling with my 6 year old.
If your kids are like mine they most likely love plush --
I love that these special stuffed animals are not only adorable but that they provide my kiddos the comfort of a night light in a huggable loveable form.
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and visit their website to see the original 4 Night Buddies and find a retailer in your area

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