Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Candy Wraps

A couple of years ago, I went crazy and made a whole bunch of Halloween candy wraps.

I think they make great gifts for neighbors and teachers and friends this time of year, so I thought I'd share how to make them with my Flipzles fans.

Vampire with Cape

Open the cape to see the message - "I hope your Halloween doesn't Bite"

I used black felt to make his bat-wing cape and glued googly eyes on top of the printed paper that is wrapped around a box of Reese's Pieces.

A BOO "Mint" just for you!

Needed: One size fits all stretchy gloves, ribbon, white felt, junior mints and printable ghost face (or make your own).

Large candy bar Witches with glove hats

Needed: Large candy bars, stretchy gloves, ribbon, and printable witch face.

I also made 3 smaller size gum or kit kat bar wrappers.  Simply print, but and wrap to add a little Halloween fun to the treats you give out.

Here are the other wraps -

Artwork and designs created by Vicki Lewis

I tried to embed the pdf -- but it isn't working right now, so email me if you would like the pdfs to print.
 vicki @ flipzles . com


  1. How can I get these to print properly? I'd like to use them for my VT ladies and Primary class. I 'saved image as..' and printed them, but they didn't print right and the Dracula isn't full (or is that all there is?).

  2. Oh! you are so amazing and creative. And ... since I am now a WGU Night Owl, I think I need a set of Owl 'eggs' - doing "math & teacher things" - I still proudly display my Clark Penguins :)