Sunday, March 17, 2013

Class Art Projects

I art docent in both of my daughter's classes.  I had lots of fun helping them with their projects for the Celebration of Learning. I think they both turned out super cute.

This was created by Mrs. M's 2nd grade class.  Each student glued a few strips down in the background and then drew and colored a flower with their name next to it.  I definitely can imagine it hanging in someone's house.   Wish we would have made 2 so we could have given one to the teacher to keep.

My oldest daughter's class made a coil vase for the auction.  They each added a coil and then a few students made flowers and leaves to decorate the outside with.  They all helped glaze the vase and the teacher Mrs. H. added the flecks of blue glaze as a finishing touch.  It will look even more impressive when we put flowers in it and it isn't in the boiler room next to the kiln :)

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