Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Geyser Gifts!

Running Flipzles has kept me super busy -- so this year for neighbor gifts we wanted to do something simple but with a kick :)

I bought a couple of cases of Mentos thinking I would use them in little gift bags. When my daughter Natasha saw them she said "all you need now is a bottle of diet coke!" -- We went to "Wreck it Ralph" over Thanksgiving break, so I am sure that is why the idea came so quickly.

"Brilliant!" -- I responded.  That is just what we are going to do.  Now let's think up something clever to say on the cards.

After tossing lots of corny puns and other sayings around this is what we came up with --

We think you "GEYSER" awesome!
Hope you have a "BLAST" this Christmas

We then printed out some instructions from the Steve Spangler Science website and a demonstration picture to attach to the bottles.

It was something everyone could help with during the assembly process and oh-so much fun for the kiddos to deliver.  We delivered our first round of Geyser Making Kits tonight and will do more in the next few days.

We definitely got a few confused looks, several Wreck it Ralf comments and lots of thank you's.  It is definitely not your traditional plate of cookies, but hopefully it gets some ooh's and ahh's or gives the less adventureous souls their daily diet coke fix :)

I think it is a fun idea -- the question is -- will it get pinned?  I am crossing my fingers -- so please feel welcome to PINTEREST away.  We definitely wouldn't mind having this idea copied.


  1. I AM PINNING NOW...and so copying this AWESOME Idea...Easter Bunny brought this to our house last year to Matthew but giving it to friends is taking it up a notch..Merry Christmas, Rhonda

  2. this ... and you and your family ... are hilarious!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all <3 (... and you're brilliant!)

  3. This is so awesome! I have pinned this and would love to give these as gifts. Do you have a printable file?

    1. Jessica -- I would be happy to email you the files I used. Find and like my FLIPZLES page on FB and send me a PM there with your email :)

    2. Hi Vicki! I absolutely love your ideas and I love this neighbor gift idea. I'm a Christmas procrastinator but I would really love to make this for a party or for even next Christmas. Do you have a printable that can be downloaded for this cute idea? :)

  4. Hello, I am loving this idea! Do you happen to have a printable version tgat I can share with neighbors? Or did I miss a link?