Thursday, November 1, 2012

FLIPZLES - In the Works!

If you know me, you know my favorite part of FLIPZLES is designing them -- Right now with the launch of the new company and trying to get the word out about what FLIPZLES are -- I spend most of my day fulfilling orders and trying to learn how to market and sell my puzzles.

So I wanted to take a moment today to show you the next two puzzles that will be coming out in 2013. They are a bit smaller, square in shape and have fewer pieces so they are a bit easier to solve.   I think they both will be so much fun!

Here are few pictures of the artwork -
Let me know what you think and what design you would like to see on future FLIPZLES!

The artwork for this was based off of a barn in Wyoming that my husband and I both played in when we were kids. I remember swinging on the rope up in the loft, looking for randomly layed chicken eggs in the hay and playing basketball on rainy days. I love being able to incorporate things that have meaning to me in my puzzles

Now my friend who took the photos for me told me I should use a green tractor -- but my father-in-law owned a tractor dealership for years and it was the type that didn't sell green tractors so I had to take that into account when making my color choice for the tractor :)


This puzzle came about because one of my daughters often says she would rather be an animal than a person.  I know that she will absolutely LOVE to play with this puzzle when it comes out.  I am keeping the inside a surprise.

Yes -- this part is definitely my favorite!  Can't wait to do more.


  1. love them both, I like your style. Smaller and easier to carry around is good!I think I like the pet mansion best, it is a little easier for my little grandbabiesWill come back as they grow!

    Christina P

  2. Oh yes! Love, love these. I love that they have their creation...
    I also like the bigger pieces.... Future ideas??? I'm looking forward to the Haunted House...requested by Thurston...also maybe a Santa's Workshop?